Saturday, March 15, 2014

Biking in Old Town

There are a number of fabulous biking trails in this area, and the best part is they are nice and favorite kind.

We found this one that crossed over the Suwanee River and headed out together.  The trail is straight and black topped, making for a smooth ride with no cars to worry about.

Barely into our ride we came across these lovely spider webs that glistened in the morning light.  Poor Left Brain, we barely begin and he has to stop for me to jump off to photo them.

After a while I felt tired so I sent Left Brain ahead for some serious biking while I putzed along slowly taking photos on the way back.

It's a good thing I lingered as he was able to catch up with me shortly after I ventured on to the wrong path.  Oooops....not sure where I may have ended up had I continued on this one.

There were so many lovely blooms on the way.

Long Live the Biking Queen


  1. such a nice area! i think i'd have to stay a while. :)