Monday, March 3, 2014

Preparing to leave Sunseekers RV park

During our two month stay here we've made friends along the way and I've established an entire little community among my pickleball friends.  

Left Brain and I attended part of the Senior Games in Fort Myers and sat with many of these people.
As a result of this, he came and played a couple of times with us.

Even though we've not participated in any of the park's activities, we still have met and talked with several people here.  

One man just refers to me as the crazy cat lady.
This is his chair.

Our friends from northern Wisconsin (91 inches of snow on the ground) came to visit us yesterday and it was nice to just sit and catch up.

But there's always one defining moment where you know it's time to leave.  As I was dressing the other day I noticed my naked self in the mirror (they are everywhere in this rig!).

Disgusted by the way my boobs were migrating southward I grasped each one in my hands and shook them and told them to knock it off...then I looked out the window and made eye contact with the gentleman next door.

Yup.  It's time to roll on out of here....saggy boobs and all.

Long Live the Queen of Sunseekers


  1. I guess after living with no neighbors one forgets about a neighbor's view. Guess he got an eyeful!

  2. oh, dear. yup, time to go. :)

    btw, loading to youtube takes a LONG time - even with a short video - so you'd need a good internet connection, for sure.

  3. If you're heading to central Florida, I think you should come our way. You can always drop in at Cypress Cove which is up the road from us. It's celebrating it's 50th anniversary as the oldest nudist resort in the US. They'd welcome you with open arms. If you choose not to go there, you really are welcome to come to us, we can play some pickleball..

  4. If you give your boobies a talkin' too, while lying down, after a dreamy night...they are flattened out, then, and unable to talk back. :-)