Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Split Rock Lighthouse

As we prepared to leave Gooseberry Falls we were unable to spot George.  Assuming he was down the rabbit hole (behind the couch) we brought the bedroom slide in first.

A loud yowling soon made us aware he was actually in the bedroom…somewhere.  We stopped the slide and out shot a streak of orange fur racing for the safety of the rabbit hole.

He was thoroughly checked out and found to be intact, no injuries or bent tails…just another startling adventure with George.  This cat is going to age me quickly!

We stopped at Split Rock Light House on the way to our campsite in Grand Marais MN.  This is the only lighthouse in the nation that has the original lens and is still operational.  Once a year they light it for my birthday.  Okay, maybe not really for my birthday, but it happens that the anniversary of its opening is the same day as my birth….different year.
the girls going back down from the light

Gooseberry was nice, but with no facilities and four people (three of who have longish hair and are female) water is nice.  And with all the electronic devices being used, electricity is nice also.  Wi-fi would be a dream and the park in Grand Marais has that…so off we went.
the cast iron claw foot tub brings back memories

rug beaters ....or as Kiersten called them....
anger management tools

wood burning stove - they treated us to freshly baked cookies warm fromt he oven

an old typewriter - explained it as the early texting system to the kids
After arriving and getting set up we learned that yes, there is Wi-fi and yes it is free…but only in the office.  Hmmmph.  But there is a community pool next door for $4 a day and the girls quickly found their suits and enjoyed the pool with a climbing wall and hot tub while I searched for a grocery store.

The town is only a few blocks long, so that wasn’t difficult.  I got groceries and ran them home, returning for the girls who still wanted to swim.  They swam until 7:00 and then we went home for a supper of leftover shrimp and spaghetti for Left Brain and I and mac and cheese for the kids.  All of our meals are followed by frozen yogurt to make sure they get their protein.  Yup…we are considerate grandparents.  We ate some with them to show them it was okay.  Not like they needed any assurance.

Long Live the Queen of the North Shore


  1. I love your photos of the Gooseberry Falls. But I surely do love the photos from the lighthouse best. What memories. That's exactly the type of tub and sink, black stove, and rug beaters that we had when I was younger. Gosh, now I feel quite old! lol. It's good to hear that George is okay after his stint in hiding. You have a wonderful adventure with the girls, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Grand Marais is our old vacation stomping grounds. We'd go up the Gunflint Trail to the Canadian border for a couple of weeks each summer. You're forging special memories with those girls....great times....enjoy :-)