Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rainy Canadian days

It's a rainy dreary day in Canada today, so we slept in (as much as George would allow) and spent the day catching up on paperwork and menial chores.   One of those was to read blogs and catch up on Facebook.  Here are my granddaughters on the first day of school.  Emily just got glasses for the first time and I really like the way they look on her.

George woke me very early and I fed him about 5:00 am in desperation to return to sleep. He has taken to trying to bite the cpap tubing and maybe it's my imagination but I think I hear some additional hissing. Gracie likes to sit on top of the cpap machine and when she accidentally (I think it's on purpose) turns it off I have to restart it. This causes a light to come on and she thinks she's playing a game like with the laser light and pushes the button again. Well, you get the idea.

George woke up Left Brain early and conned him into feeding him breakfast also. These guys are getting out of control!

Gracie enjoys diving at any movement under the blanket in bed and often I am woken from my slumber by the feeling of little claws and teeth finding their prey. I've learned to move very little as a result of this....Left Brain enjoys this change.

You can see she's just thinking of ways to get into trouble while snuggling with Left Brain.

I can deal with the feet attacks, but the other night I had an occasion to pass gas and she attacked my butt! This has gone too far now.

It's interesting to me how they hang their laundry up here - one long
line and a pulley system to string it out and retrieve it.
We wandered out about 3:00 in search of food and found lunch at the Schwarma Palace. There are several places here that serve this tasty Mediterranean meal. It's similar to a gyro, but I think it's much better.

There seem to be a lot of these little motorized wagons around here.
Then we stopped at Walmart to restock some groceries for the next few days.

Tomorrow we will play tourist, but it sure felt good to have some down time.  I'm also pleased to announce that when the rain started George did not bolt for a hiding spot.  He was a little nervous, but managed to stay in the main area.  Yup, that's my brave boy.

Long Live the Queen of Canadian Rains

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  1. Your granddaughters are lovely, and yes, I can see the mischief in Gracie's eyes. She's cooking up something! That clothesline brings back so many memories. That's how I used to hang my line of laundry. I still have the line up, but now my bird feeder hangs from it. That motorized wagon looks like it would be fun to ride around in. Hmmmm, I wonder if they have things like that around here? You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.