Friday, August 9, 2013

Kakabecca Falls Ontario

Our arrival night at the Happyland Campground found everybody tired and needing some down time.  So, in lieu of our usual game of cribbage we watched 'the Secondhand Lions' and turned in.

It was a delightfully chilly night and felt so good to huddle down deep into the comfort of those blankets.

The morning got off to a very slow start and it was 10:00 before breakfast was started so we lazed around with hot cocoa followed by pancakes and turkey sausages.

Then we packed up our little group of tourists and drove over to see Kakabecca Falls which reaches heights of 131 feet and is called the 'Niagara of the North'.

After visiting the falls we turned the car around and headed into Thunder Bay for sight seeing and lunch.  We didn't want to just stop at some chain restaurant, at least one we knew; so we stopped at a Tim Horton's for lunch.  It was okay but nothing memorable...but our bellies were filled so we continued onward.

Our next stop was at the Terry Fox monument, a bronze monument Terry Fox who lost his leg to cancer.  Running on an artificial leg across Canada in 1980 to raise funds, his disease recurred and forced him just northeast of Thunder Bay.  He died less than a year later.  He had run 26 miles a day for a total of 3,339 miles.

The entire group was bushed and we all went back to the RV where Emily and Left Brain  both took naps.  The Queen escorted Kiersten to the pool and read her Kindle while the little fish went from pool to hot tub.

Since everyone was still tired from touring and suffering allergies, we skipped cribbage again and Left Brain read while the kids watched a movies.

Tomorrow will be our last night in Canada.  We'll tour Old Fort William tomorrow and then prepare for the return trip.  This time the cats will be in carriers as we go over the border!

Long Live the Queen of the Falls


  1. But what I want to know is who had to do the dishes if you were too tired for cribbage?

  2. Oh I am just loving the photography!! What a wonderful shot of Left Brain and Gracie. Looks like a wonderful adventure. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.