Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Grand Marais MN

We have been at the Grand Marais Recreational Area campground for the last two days and taking in the sights and sounds...and smells.  Our campsite is on the edge with a view of Lake Superior.

a schooner was just passing the lighthouse when we walked downtown

The first day we got settled in and the girls enjoyed the pool next to the campground.

Kiersten taking in the local wildflowers

this little bookstore matched her outfit nicely


Today we walked downtown to see the sights, which are very unique...typical northwoods decor.

this statue was entitled the bear tree

We shopped at the Ben Franklin which is like a mini Wal-mart for the area.  Where else can you find swim suits next to ski pants?

We visited the Best Donuts in the World shop to stock up for tomorrow's departure.  Yup...nutrition is important to us.  But we made up for it with lunch.  It was odd enough to see Emily wearing my tennis shoes, but watching her dine on a salad with asparagus and wild rice soup was really odd.  Wasn't it only yesterday she'd only eat corndogs and mac & cheese?

I couldn't pass up this old doorknob in an alley

The girls did a little retail therapy with some money Grandpa Left Brain funded them for the trip.  They are very wise and careful consumers and being very cautious with their money.

the decor is quite unique up here

it's clearly a wall-eye fish since it's coming out of a wall

After walking back home Left Brain dropped the girls off at the pool until 5:30 and we enjoyed reading for a while until I could no longer hold my eyes open.  The cats and I turned in for a nap which felt decadent and wonderful.

Gracie was so tired she curled right on her toy and fell asleep

 I returned to pick up the girls from the pool and we called in our order to Sven & Ole's Pizza.  We all played with our devices while waiting for the pizza and I downloaded the photos for today.

As soon as the pizza arrived they desended on it like a flock of vultures and it was gone in no time.  Then we began the nightly cribbage competition to determine who did dishes the next day.  I have been doing dishes every night...this speaks volumes about my skill levels.  Unfortunately every other night my partner in crime gets pulled into it as well.

After my most recent loss we cleaned up and settled in for the evening.

Tomorrow we will enter into Canada.  I think we have Wi-fi available, but if not this blog will be interrupted for a few days as I am too cheap to use the phone for a hotspot with international rates.  This is also a warning to any family members that we won't be calling or texting from the "other side".

Long Live the Queen of Cribbage

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  1. Super photos! I had to laugh, the store is called "Beaver House" but it has a huge fish going through the sign. You're not cheap, just thrifty. I wouldn't want to pay the higher prices for the hotspot and texts either. You have fun! Hugs, Edna B.