Thursday, August 1, 2013

Birthday celebrations

Wednesday brought a surprise birthday party to celebrate my 62 year of life.  It was supposed to be a surprise anyway.

After spending five hours trapped in a car with frantic felines I asked Left Brain to take me to a nearby cafe for one of my favorite burritos and he said no.  Huh?  Then he said he was taking me out for supper.

Well, this immediately got me suspicious as we seldom go out after the 5:00 news, old people that we are.  Even when I reminded him that lunch is much cheaper than supper he firmly denied my request.

This is when I pressed for details by asking "What is our daughter up to?" and he spilled the beans, knowing that was the safer route to take.

She planned a delightful outing to Cossetta's, an Italian deli style restaurant in downtown St Paul.  Our neighbor, Lee, had just told us about it and I'd been wanting to check it out so this was perfect.

They had a funny greeting card for me to read aloud as it involved many redneck terms.  I think they like my Texas redneck accent.  An example:  the word is FAR.  The caption reads "My still blew up and caught on far".

This was said while wearing the traditional birthday glasses, which I thought looked quite stylish on me.

The kids both had their traditional handmade cards for me.  I hope they never take to buying Hallmark cards, I really enjoy the creative expressions they come up with.

Kiersten's was a group of fish with incredible flowing tresses (or fins, not sure) and she used her special oil pastels to color them for me.  She can do amazing things with paints and colors, often working freehand with her own designs.  The girl knows I love color and this was very bright and fun.  It was her declaration of love on the backside that I really enjoyed the most.  I used the camera scanner feature on my phone to capture the image, but it doesn't do it justice and I'm not able to blow it up to a larger size.

Emily surprised me with a handmade card also, but in a new avenue this year.  She did hers with computer techniques and composed a fun poem for me to read, which turned into a rap number somehow during the recitation.  Maybe it was the glasses that inspired me to become a rapper.

The food was wonderful, but way too much as Kiersten discovered trying to manhandle her killer slice of pizza.

Long Live the Queen of Birthday Celebrations


  1. Those glasses are priceless! I love your birthday cards. I agree the best ones are the homemade cards, and I look forward to getting them. Your granddaughters must love you lots. The cards and poem are just beautiful. Now for that pizza, mmmm,mmm,mmm. Now I'm hungry for a nice cheesy, green pepper pizza!! You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Happy Birthday to you! What a wonderful celebration! It is so nice you were "at home" to spend it with your family!