Friday, August 23, 2013


Today our touristy assignment was to explore the city of Ottawa in Ontario Canada.  It's a beautiful city with a lot of old fashioned charm.

The Parliament Building

Even the mail boxes are cool!

We went to the Aviation Museum, one of Left Brain's favorite places to tour.

They were offering bi-plane rides this day...I like to stay on the ground and shoot others instead.

This is what first class looked like back in his day.

A Harley Davidson Indian motorcycle

Please note that the escape kit includes chocolate....I rest my case.

this rescue plane can land directly in the water and was used in Indonesia to aid victims of the tsunami

this one is definitely more my speed

Why is this in a museum, I think my parents had a car similar to this....that's not so old, is it?

There were planes of every type imaginable, as well as some cool old cars, trucks and motorcycles.

This cute little guy would pull nicely behind See-More, don't you think?

The museum was nicely laid out with seating area to watch videos as well as having several interactive portions that were perfect for kids.  At this station the kids put on space suits and were simulating living in a space pod.  They had to crawl from one area to another through the tunnels.  Gracie would have so loved doing this and I'm sure she would have outdone any of the kids there with her dazzling speed.

Our favorite part was the bush pilot area.  Left Brain has flown into remote areas on fishing trips and has shared his hair-raising stories of flying with these guys.  Maybe that's what happened to his hair...
Yup, that's a canoe lashed to one of the pontoons.

check out the skis for this thing - accessories are everything

We had hoped to find a Greek restaurant but stumbled instead across Patty's Pub, an Irish pub with an outside cafe that oozed with charm.  After a meal of fish and chips as well as crab cakes we returned to the RV to set a spell.

There is such a diverse ethnic mix here in Ottawa which makes people watching a lot of fun.  I'm going to post this blog now as tomorrow morning we pack up to head to Montreal and I don't know what the Internet situation may be like.

Long Live the Queen of Ottawa


  1. The photos are wonderful. The museum looks huge, and so fascinating. The Parliament Building looks so "English", but then, it is isn't it? It reminds me of a beautiful old csstle. Enjoy your stay. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Interesting! I love learning new things. Great pictures, too.