Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cat in a sack

Gracie just continues to crack me up every day.  I never know where I'll find her or what she'll be doing next.

She loves playing in her "Tunnel of Doom"
Her play cube often gets knocked over.  Here is is out two ends of it and contemplating a nap with it strapped to her belly like an inflated water wing

My sewing assistant sleeping on the job

I had just unpacked groceries and when I turned around there she was sitting in the empty sack.

Eventually she knocked it over and then zipped in and out of it.  Who would have thought this would ever be such a fun toy?

My favorite was at the end when she saw me watching her and laughing.

She ducked down to hide from my view.  Wow!  Where did she go? 

Long Live the Queen of Funny Cats

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  1. love love love the cat stories!!!! pond lois