Sunday, August 4, 2013

Inside the Radio Station

My son-in-law, Ted, is the Creative Producer at KTIS/Faith Radio Network in Minneapolis.   It's the perfect job for the perfect guy, what more can I say?

He took us to a Saints baseball game recently including a tailgater party hosted by KTIS before the game.  We were to meet him at the station to ride in with him and before we left we got to have a little tour of the facility.

It's a lovely brick building with all the up to date equipment anybody could want.

He showed us how some of the stuff worked and my favorite part was all the crazy sound effects.

This industry is a mystery to me with all the ins and outs of how it works but he made it sound like a lot of fun.  I'm not sure I could deal with the pressure.

It was a fun day and now we have another goal checked off our list as we'd not yet been to where he worked.

Long Live the Queen of Radio least family in radio

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  1. Fascinating photos!! I have never been inside a radio station so this was a treat for me too. Your son in law is a handsome fellow.