Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wet campers are NOT happy campers

The deluge continues, we have not had a full day of sunshine without drizzle from May 18th until June 10th.  June 11th was a nice day but we woke to the sound of rain again this morning. Let's just say this is getting old.

kids playing in the "pond" next door to us

But it had it's entertaining qualities as well.  For instance, one morning we sat at our little table and watched the campers light their fires, kids sitting at the picnic table huddled up against the cold wind waiting for breakfast.

First the wind kicked up, always the first sign of impending doom.  The paper plates went flying with grownups chasing them, kids starting to whine.

Then the rain came down and the campfire sputtered to its end and the responsible ones started to gather up everything.  The kids are running about like its the end of the world and heading for the tent.

Then the scene is quiet with everyone huddled inside the tent having a family meeting and making a decision.  Yup.  I knew that would be the decision. 

The women and children were still inside, no doubt packing and the guy was hauling wet sodden things and flinging them into the van.

Traffic had picked up considerably by that time, trucks pulling campers heavily laden with bikes and toys meant for sunnier days leaving in a mass exodus.  These were followed by pick up trucks with boats.  Yup, there go two fifth wheels trying to race to the exit.

Nothing like a rainstorm to create a traffic jam on the Island.  You can tell the ones who are in it for the long haul, they sit in the windows with their coffee and cocoa like we are watching the show.

We need to exit next Saturday morning, so we will be waiting for the last clear weather day when the chairs are all dry to pack up stuff for our departure as well. 

I sure hope it's not raining that day.

Long Live the Queen, are those gills growing behind my ears?

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  1. Sorry to hear of all the rain. Yup, we have been getting some of it too. But at least we are getting some sunny days in between. You at least have a good attitude about it all. I love the photo of the kids playing in the "pond". Kids always seem to make lemonade when life gives them lemons. lol. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.