Saturday, June 15, 2013

Home maintenance

One of the things that's different about living in an RV is that when you need maintenance done on your house, you need to drive it in for the work.

This was never a problem before we had a family, we'd just drop it off, get in the car and head out for lunch, shopping or a movie.  But we have a family now.

Why do you suppose she's putting all our stuff in that car?

So, as we prepared to leave for the next campground Left Brain scheduled the repair work to be done our last day.  My morning was spent with the cats with me in the car. Where to go?

Sitting around Goose Island is not an option as it's too warm being in the car with the windows up and lowering them is to invite several thousand mosquitoes to come and dine on your body.  At least the robin and her family left, so we could remove the nest from under the RV.  Does this mean we're suffering from empty nest syndrome?

So we went for a short drive to visit Auntie Lois, who has a nice shady yard in a quiet neighborhood.  I wanted a chance to catch up with her and see what she'd done with the yard and pond.

I was not prepared for the beauty and magic I'd found there.  She is such a like minded person in many ways, but especially in creative artisitic gardening.

Several of my plants from the Big House have ended up here, so it's another chance to visit my garden...which has been disbursed to many other homes and states.

Tomorrow's blog will be a continuation of my tour throughout her yard.

Long Live the Queen of Contentment


  1. How wonderful! I can certainly see your contentment! I look forward to more photos! That is an adventure!

  2. Nice update! Looking forward to having you near us soon! :-D

  3. Oh Goodness. I was hoping you would put in a picture from The Bell House and Dragonfly Pond. You did! ^..^ I feel famous. :-) It's friends like you that make life very interesting. You are welcome to wander the yard, anytime. Frogs and toads at their highest trilling, burping, bellowing around and in pond this evening. Owls mysteriously serenading on background bluff. Can't wait for the fireflies on the hillside. Happily Auntie Lois of pond, kittie-loving and kindred spirit. ^..^