Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Settled back into Ham Lake Campground

Last year when we stayed here we were just figuring out this life in an RV, so it feels great to settle into someplace familiar as we start our second year of full-timing.

This is a sweet little park, friendly and inexpensive.  We took our same campsite in the shade again, but we think next year we'll opt for one of the sites next to the pond.

It would be a different view for us and enhance our satellite reception.  But it's hard to beat the coolness of the shade when it gets hot and sticky.

the new improved bird feeding station - only problem is the lack of birds

We had the granddaughters over on Tuesday and did our first walk through of the park.

when the kids come bearing corn the goats come a running

The first item on the agenda was to feed the goats and look for the newest member, Squeaker, who was born just a week ago.  He and his mom must have stayed in the barn, because we never sighted him.  Perhaps next time.

The workers are removing weeds from the beach area and getting it all ready for the warmer weather scheduled to come soon. 

The girls took a walk out to the swing set to see how cold it is.

They reported that it felt pretty nice so I'm guessing that the next visit will involve some swimming and splashing.

Emily spotted what looked like a gum wrapper in the grass, but it was a dragonfly with some bent up wings.  We visited him for a while and then placed him back in his spot.

It looks like there are some geocaches near our area, so perhaps we'll need to get the girls to help us search for those as well.  There's never a shortage of things to do out here.

Long Live the Queen of Canned Ham Lake Living


  1. Looking good....all settled in a lovely and shaded spot.

  2. This looks like a really pretty place. What a gorgeous view at the pond. How did you ever get the dragonfly to sit and pose and that hand? Wow, fabulous shot!!! You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. This is what I wish we could be doing. We did when we were first married, maybe when we retire we will come full circle. Cool.