Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Saying goodbye to friends

There is a long list of people to visit while back in the home area and we had hoped to invite several over to the campground for supper, but with the weather being so nasty for so long that was harder to pull off.

When you live in a very small home you really want to be able to eat outside on the picnic table when you have company over.  So we kept putting it off waiting for better weather until lo and behold we are in our final week.

So, we grabbed the first opportunity to have our friends Eric and Colleen over for supper and to see the kitties.  Colleen graciously agreed to bring cheesecake for dessert.  You gotta love friends who come bearing food!

We were able to sit outside and enjoy the weather, in spite of the mosquitoes and gnats that were beginning to descend.

I should have been expecting it, but no...I was very surprised when Colleen ambled over with that mischievous grin on her face proclaiming "I brought the cheesecake".

Hmmm.  I guess I didn't need to clean those blueberries and strawberries for this kind of cheesecake.

Colleen is an artist and has used her multitude of skills to venture into the most unusual cakes you've ever seen.

This lucsious cake resembles a wedge of cheese with tiny mice scampering in and about it in a feeding frenzy.  The plate was covered with little mouse droppings that looked only too real, but were very tasty.

Here is a closeup of one of many mice adorning the cake. 

 And yes, they are edible. 

The cake was orange colored and orange flavored with orange marmalade between the layers and fresh squeezed orange juice taking the place of the water in the recipe.

It was the perfect ending to a lovely night visiting with good friends that I will miss during our next exodus about the country. 

But the best thing with friends like we have is that they are always there, you don't need to see them each day to feel their presence.

Long Live the Queen of Mice


  1. That cheese cake looks Unappetizing but I bet it was really good....so creative :-)

  2. I was so sad the day we were supposed to drop in was of course raining and icky and I knew you already had a houseful . It's the thought that counts. Best wishes for you and the kitties. As Colleen would say "Let them eat cake."

  3. Don't you be leavin' until we have our last lunch together! :)

  4. love having you around for awhile. love that you have new cat friends. loved the cheesecake created by friend. happy trails...pond lois

  5. Oh boy, what a great cake!! The Mrs has an apple with a little crawling in and out of it just like the mouse on your cheesecake. What awesome creativity! Sorry about the bad weather, but glad that you got to visit with some of your friends. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.