Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sad Cat Diary

It's another rainy gray day here on the Island...so depressing. 

This seemed like a good time to post a video I'd seen recently to fit the mood.  It's pretty funny, in a deadpan sort of way.

If you've ever wondered what cats are thinking, this will provide some insight.

Long Live the Queen of Rain Rain Rain


  1. Wouldn't it be fun to put "thoughts" to every crazy expression on your cat's face. I think I could write a book about my cats ... especially Diva the Devil Child, who is forever repremanding us for our inappropriate behavior (her view). You should start a meme ... every cat person in the world would run to your doorstep, Ha!

    Sorry it is still raining by you. We finally got some sunshine, though it remains cool (60's today). But, I get it ... rainy days are depressing. And, if it is raining by you, it may be raining here by tomorrow, ugly thought. But, cheer up, my friend ... you have two new entertainers to keep you busy and happy. They don't care about the rain and just go about their business as should we, right? I wish you sunshine (soon) Queen of thoughtful cats :0

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. I have seen this & almost posted it. I think many cats do think this way. Maggie P. certainly does! She is our drama queen.

  3. Fluffy has been spending more time outside the barn. I guess those new Mom goats and their kids are hogging the space inside. The goat cat has been demoted. I am sure Fluffy would like to share his diary. I will have to work on that.

  4. LOL, I thought this was adorable. Very creative. I've often wondered what goes through our fur babies' minds. They do have feelings, and I guess they do feel neglected when we don't pay enough attention.

    The weather here is beautiful, but we will have rain in a couple of days. Hope the sun finds you soon, hugs, Edna B.