Saturday, December 22, 2012

What's cooking?

In my prior life I never did much with spice and seasoning...but we're Texans now so I got with the program and learned to embrace jalapenos.

Never did I believe that I would feel a need to always have on hand:  a jar of chopped jalapenos, dice tomatoes with green chilies and an abundance of chili seasoning.

I prefer using the jarred jalapenos because I've read the process of cleaning them required plastic gloves, being careful not to touch your eyes during the process, and so on.

But I didn't think using the jarred variety was the same, even though there are seeds in there.

Being a clean freak in the kitchen (my friends will attest to my displeasure of messy hands) I always scrub up before starting.

Pizza just isn't pizza without jalapenos

So it goes without saying that I always wash my hands after using the bathroom.

But today I learned a vital lesson. 

If you are working with these peppers and need to use the bathroom - wash your hands BEFORE using the facilities as well as after. 

I don't believe I need to go into any unsavory details here, I'm just careful.

Long Live the Queen of Warnings


  1. I'll definitely keep that in mind!! lol. My son in law grows his own hot hot hot peppers and dries them to make the powder for cooking. We learned the hard way to never ever touch yourself when you are handling these pepper products.

    I'm so glad your mail caught up with you. Have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. I'm confused ... you're in Texas? I thought you were in Arizona ... hmmmm. I know, I am just old and things get by me:)

    Hot peppers, I finally gave up on them. Like you I buy them in a jar, but don't get to use them often because my body seems not to like them on the inside and I quarantee, it wouldn't like them on the outside for reasons you have just discussed. They are great as a body cleansing method, however, which is something we all should do now and then.

    Christmas is upon us and I am scurrying around doing last minute things. I really don't get to relax and enjoy until after Christmas because I have to cook and clean up the mess ... my Hubby does the dishes, which I appreciate whole heartedly. So, I am actually looking forward to the day after ... lazy day, no gifts to wrap, no food to cook (hopefully leftovers will take care of that)just sitting in a chair with a good book. But wait ... my Granddaughter is coming on the weekend and we have to do Christmas all over ...Argh! Oh well, I can hope that you will have a lovely day after with rest and relaxation as the goal. And, while I am at it I will wish you a Happy Day Of as well. Be well and thanks, Queen of Warnings ... I am warned :)