Sunday, December 2, 2012

We are in Mesa AZ now

We are all settled into our new spot in Carriage Manor, Mesa AZ and finding our way.  Having arrived on Saturday, we haven't officially signed in yet to get all the rules and our name tags, but that will take place tomorrow.

The park is nice, with lots of activities and shopping malls everywhere you turn around!  What a far cry from some of the ....shall we say "sparse" surroundings in the recent past.

I thought it would be fun to bake bread...from scratch.  All went well except for one thing.  I didn't have the size pans they said to put it in, but I figured what I had would work.  I was wrong!  Instead of worrying about whether or not it would rise at all, it rocketed toward the sky in no time.  Perhaps setting it on the front dash in the full sunlight was not a good idea.  Perhaps stuffing it into too small pans was not a good idea.  But regardless of these set backs, it tasted good!

I'm taking the baking experience much more seriously.  My biscuits were awful and I read that you should always use fresh baking powder, so I checked the date on mine to see if it had expired.  Oh yes, it certainly 1997.  So that got tossed out and a new can of Clabber Girl baking powder now awaits it's next challenge.

Left Brain's sister, Sister Mary, greeted us when we came in, helped us get settled and invited us over for the best roast beef dinner I've ever had.  This was bliss in itself and then she brought out the red velvet cake.  Mmmmm!

Today she entertained Left Brain by inviting him over for the Packer game and I graciously bowed out to make more room for those attending.  Oh, I am so self sacrificing....I was forced to see a movie, eat out and do some shopping.

I found an airbed to fit the cramped measurements of our pullout couch, so at least whoever is spending the night there will now be comfortable.

Our new digs in Carriage Manor has an Arizona room so there is a bit more wiggle room for when our company comes later in the month.  Right now it's handy for storing extra supplies and I've started to set up my sewing projects.

But tomorrow we learn how to play pickleball and then I have line dancing in the early afternoon, followed by an outing to a vegetable stand with Sister Mary.

More photos to come of the current set up later.

Long Live the Queen of Mesa


  1. Your photo of the sky is just beautiful! As for the expiration dates, I will have to go through my pantry because I know there are most likely quite a few of those 1997 dates. If it's still good, I hate to throw it out. I cleaned out my fridge and found all kinds of stuff I didn't even know was in there. At least I could still recognize most of it. lol. You have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. It would be worth a pot of gold just to get up to that beautiful view in your first picture every morning. And the view in the second picture, I am still laughing. Who of us hasn't tried baking bread and had some kind of funny (or maybe not so funny)result, but yours is the best I have seen. The good thing is that it still tastes good, the bad thing ... it probably doesn't fit in the toaster :)

    I am fairly new to your blog so I don't know your plans. Is this your final destination? Are you staying here forever or are you going to head back (let me see Packers ... Wisconsin, we could be neighbors). I admire you because you seem to be able to have fun wherever you are. I am looking forward to hearing about pickleball and line dancing (how's your sequential memory these days :) I love line dancing but haven't done it in years. Good luck! All for today, I have had my break and now must go back into panic mode. Christmas is creeping up on me and I am not ready. Be well Queen of all things ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol