Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A little excitement in the park today

The day started out with our pickleball lesson and a little play.  I continued for one more game and Left Brain went home to trim the grapefruit tree and gather the recycling.  After the play was done I went into the dog park to meet and greet and scratch my furry friends. 

After a lunch of pulled pork on tortillas and some chips and cheese we headed out with the GPS in search of some geocaches.

The first find was very tricky but after reading the clues and other peoples logs we finally found it.  It was suspended in one of the posts by a chain.  Yikes, this was a tricky one.

We went on to find a couple more of them, not as hard to locate but some were a bit messy on the clothing and involved crawling around the base of the trees.  I like to let Left Brain take over on those.

look at all that great SWAG!
This was our first outing with our new Garmin Oregon 550t.  There is a camera built in so we can document our finds as we score. 

It took a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to use it, but as Left Brain keeps telling me, perhaps I should read the instructions.

Again I want to thank Tom and Kay for their expert teaching.

We would have been totally clueless with this gadget without their jump- starting our experience.  Now I have to remember to go back into the website and add my notes.

But the real excitement was after we got back and noticed a police helicopter circling over our park.  Then there was the squad car and the police officer checking the dumpsters.  Hmmm.  Maybe we were attracting too much attention to ourselves as we roamed about the area looking for caches?

But then we could hear the loudspeaker from the chopper announcing they were looking for a white male with a red shirt and tan pants.  

It sounded like the person was wearing handcuffs, but I couldn't be sure.

Oh THERE he is!  I told Left Brain he should go into the RV or at least change his shirt.

I guess they had bigger issues on their agenda than looking for two senior citizens playing with their GPS.

Long Live the Queen of Geocaching


  1. Your hubby looks absolutely contented! What a great retirement.

    I'm curious. Where do you set up your sewing machine and where do you tuck it away? lol. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. oh, you two are so much fun. love that hubbie's clothes matched the villian. keep on keepin' on. the pulled pork tortillas sound yummy, pond lois