Sunday, December 9, 2012

Goofing off

It occurs to me I haven't written anything for a while and fear not...nothing's wrong.  I've just been too busy chasing around having fun to sit down and write.   Channukah starts today and Christmas is just around the corner and soon another year will start.  It's so easy to lose track of time and the seasons here, as well as my glasses and keys.  That is what prompted me to post this lovely photo of a "holy cow".  I hope this image doesn't frighten Left Brain, who is a recovering Catholic.

The cooking continues and I've now mastered stuffed peppers.  After taking the time to read the online recipes (something I seldom ever did) I now realize you have to boil the peppers before you stuff them!  No wonder my previous attempts were so pathetic.  I had some leftover "stuffings" that I froze and will use that later to create some stuffed pepper soup.  That will be yummy!  I just love soup of any kind.

This is the ham and aspargus strata I made with the leftover ham and aspargus.  We've also started a new tradition called the "moving omelet" where anything left over in the fridge is used up in one big and sometimes odd omelet before we move to the next location. The kids will remember this as Left Brain's famous "camper breakfast".

I now own my own pickleball paddle and six balls, Left Brain still needs to go pick his out.

There is a writer's group that meets once a week here and I went to my first meeting on Friday.  It's a delightful group of ladies and I have my first assignment for next week.  It's so much easier to write with a prompt than just trying to pull something out of thin air.

The Arizona room is set up and the sewing frenzy has begun.  It feels good to be messing around with fabric and fiber and have books spread out all around me.  I hoarded, er...I mean stocked up on...some fat quarters from Joanne's the other day.  I only meant to buy three for another project I want to try but they were 99 cents instead of the usual $2 so I bought some "extras".

I finally got to synagogue this last Saturday, it's beautiful and the people are friendly but it just made me homesick for my little shul back home.  There are some friends from the shul back home who are living quite close to me here in Mesa and I hope to hook up with them soon.

Today I go to get a massage and then there is a football gathering for supper.  I'm contributing to the feast with my pumpkin bars for desert.  I love baking and it's nice to have an opportunity to share with other people so there's not so much of it sitting around here to tempt me.

Left Brain keeps watching for the sales on GPS so we can do some more geocaching again before the kids come for Christmas.  We want to introduce them to this sport.

And I saw a sign up for the karaoke club...hmmm.  I do love to sing and have fears of doing karaoke, so that might be a good thing to join also.

I'll close with a photo of one of the lastest sunsets here at our park and then I gotta go get dressed and get on my way!  Places to go...things to do!

Long Live the Queen of Abundance


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  1. Oh my, those stuffed peppers have me drooling. My brother and I always loved stuffed peppers. Hmmmm, think I'll make some later this week.

    I love your Holy Cow. It seems quite fitting, you know, like "Holy Cow woman! You've been very very busy!" I'm so glad you're having all this fun. It makes your new life a wonderful adventure. You have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.