Friday, December 14, 2012

The Addams Family

We went to see the broadway musical The Addams Family last Wednesday.  Sister Mary joined us, which seemed appropriate as her last name is Adams.  I've included a trailer to give you a little preview of what we enjoyed.  The set design was incredible and the scene changes flawless.  It's so good to be parked near a city again and be able to enjoy this type of entertainment!


She shared a story with us that when their son, Jon, was little he had started to sign his last name as Addams since the show was very popular on TV at the time.  The theme song is also on his phone as one of the many ringtones. That was fun to learn.  We just can't do as much with our last name.

This was held at the Gammage theatre in the Arizona State University, a beautiful facility.  We arrived early to get good parking and then walked over to Chipotle's for supper before the performance.

It was a fun evening out, something we seldom do as we like to be tucked in about 8:00 with TV and reading.  We're such slugs!  But we try to make ourselves get out and about to take in the sights when we can.

The pickleball lessons continue and I do think we're getting the hang of it now.  We've joined the park's pickleball club even though we will not be here for the season.  We just wanted to show our gratitude for the expert instructions we were given to learn this sport.  Our teacher has over 30 years of coaching experience at the school he used to work at, so the lessons are well designed and executed flawlessly.  Such a blessing.

I've had a bit of tummy trouble lately and I wonder if it's from all the Indian food and curry dishes I've been finding, as well as the Cajun Jambalaya soup from Safeway.  We're going out to eat with Bill and Mary tonight, and I think the batterfried fish will be a welcome relief to the over indulgence of spicy food I've been enjoying.  Kind of scary when you think of something deep fried as easier on the stomach, right?

We also experienced a new and exciting phenomenon last night - RAIN!  It sounded so good to hear the pitter patter of raindrops on the metal roof of the RV. I've always loved that sound.  I was just starting to think I'd never see rain again.

So, since it's an overcast day today Left Brain and I will hit the flea market and maybe take in a movie.  I should have gone to my writers group but just couldn't get motivated to attend, so I'm playing hookey.  It's so nice to be able to do that - just take in what you want and let things that don't feel right pass on by.

Long Live the Queen of Raindrops


  1. Today will be Esther Life of Pi / Lincoln for us.

  2. Gene and I went to see Lincoln this was awesome. Lincoln had a sense of humor you would love!

  3. Ooohh, I want to see Lincoln too. I'm not into movie theatres though, so I will try to get it on DVD. Cheryl, you have a nice name. Except for one "f", it's the same last name as my cousins. Small world, huh?

    I'm at work, and I can't wait for 3 o'clock to get here. I am so tired today! These day shifts don't agree with my system. lol.

    You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.