Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More geocaching

I added some poster edges to jazz up the image of this one to make it look more artsy fartsy

We managed to get out and about with our continued pursuit of junk in plastic containers.

This is to show the variance in sizes of the caches we have located so far.

This one demonstrates how tiny they can be.  We needed a tweezers to pull the log out on this one. 

It was impossible to enter Da Keeffes (our geocache name) so he just left it as DK.

Some of them however are quite large and hold lots of treasures that the geocachers refer to as SWAG.  I'm not sure what that means...and I'm not sure I want to.

Here's a sample of a bigger one.  There was one in here with a travel bug tag on it that I desperately wanted to take with me, but since we don't move on until mid January it is bad ettiquette to keep it non-moving for so long.

However, this is one we will be revisiting with the grandkids and if it's still there it's MINE and it will find a new home in the middle of the desert near Quartzite.  I haven't found any travel bugs to relocate yet, so that will be exciting.

I'm also putting together one to launch into the world, but still working on the "theme" and story I want to use.  It's so much fun....a strange way to have fun, but it works for us.

Long Live the Queen of Cache

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  1. I understand SWAG as meaning Stuff We All Get.