Friday, April 29, 2016

Feeling the Blahs

Every now and then I develop a case of the blahs.  I don't want to do anything...go anywhere...see anything...just sleep and mope around.  I'm never sure what causes it, but wait...there's a full moon.  That's probably it.

Part of my "blah"dom was spent having a pity party of one bemoaning the fact that I can't decorate or have cute little things around the house because there's just no room.  Oh woe is me...I suffer so.

So I forced myself into some clothes, got in the car and went in pursuit of some retail therapy.  After a little lunch with me and my best friend, the Kindle, I walked over to Shopko.

There I met a sweet little metal bird that was half price.  Hmm, he made me smile...he's lightweight and not easily broken.  Sold.

Then it was time for a trek through Michael's.  Here I stumbled across a cute little wooden box that looked like it would fit nicely on my kitchen countertop.  Yup.  It was just the right size and now I have a place for some cat food, cat treats, cooking spray and Fit vegetable cleaner.  I debated painting something brighter, but kind of enjoy the soft bluish color as it is.

I was feeling much better by the time I got to Hobby Lobby.  There I found a little metal sign for my kitchen area. This is perfect for me, because Left Brain is the chief dish washer in our RV.

It turned out to be a fine day after all.

Long Live the Queen of Blahs


  1. Nothing beats retail shopping except going with a bud.

  2. So glad you got some retail therapy! Cal Italia pizza did it for me! Okay, a couple IPA's didn't hurt. When we get together in Mpls we'll have to do a little TJ for old tyme's sake.

  3. There you go. I love that bird. The key out of Blahs is to find the muse. It leads the way to the light.

  4. Oh gosh, I love love your little birdie!! He's adorable. What a great way to get over the blahs. I think I could use a day of retail therapy too. I'm itching to get near all the new plants and large bags of dirt and other garden goodies. Hmmm, I had planned on getting rid of a few more dust bunnies today, but maybe I'll take Pogo and go shopping. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.