Sunday, May 1, 2016

RV Apps You Simply MUST Have

Some of these are valuable for anyone, some more so for those on the road in an RV.

We've had Passport America and Good Sam memberships since we began our full-time adventure four years ago. 

Having the mobile apps are a nice feature as the books are big and bulky.

One of the first apps we loaded on our cell phones was GasBuddy.  This will help you find gas stations and which ones have the best prices, very valuable when filling up a 75 gallon tank.

My favorite app that I use all the time is AllStays.  You can filter it for specific types of lodging you want.  It also tells you of low clearances on the roads...very important if you've become attached to that air conditioning unit on your roof.  This is the only app I've ever paid for and highly recommend the investment.

Another park locator is RVParky, it's not my favorite but does a decent job and is free.

Roadtrippers is my favorite map plotting site where you can find campgrounds, places to eat, things to see and it computes the mileage from one place to the next.  Very helpful to have a visual of your route in front of you when planning your trip.  I prefer this on the computer as the screen is larger, but the app is nice also and free.

One I just loaded is the Audubon Mobile Field Guide App.  I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but it will be nicer to have a quick look up instead of having to haul the book around with me.

Another one I've just added is the TV Food Maps app.  This features restaurants seen in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  We enjoy finding unusual places to dine and this will make that much easier.

I've had Yelp on my phone for a long time now and it is my go to app for finding places to dine.  It has a feature I've never tried called Monocle that allows you to point the phone in any direction and see what's nearby as an overlay on the screen.  I'll have to give that a try.

Another navigational tool (not yet tried out) is iExit.  It allows you to know what is at the upcoming exits without having to rely on the highway signs that don't always show all the choices.

One I won't bother with, but my buddies Bob Lindner and the Sullivans would like is Untapped.  You can find all the information on nearby pubs, what's being poured and then rate your "beervana" experience.

For those who like looking at the sky there is the Sky Gazer app.  I haven't bothered with it since we tend to be inside at night and haven't had a need for it.

This one would be perfect for my friend Colleen when she and Eric take HaRVey out for their camping adventures.  It's called Oh Ranger! and helps you locate federal and state parks, BLM sites, wildlife refuges, national forests and more.  I plan to load this for the BLM sites, which are handy when in the southwest and you feel like boondocking in the desert.  Although we're pretty soft and enjoy our full hookups.

If you're traveling with kiddos, then perhaps the Madlibs app would be good for you.  Sure beats listening to them ask for the 100th time if you're there yet.

There's a whole host of fun apps out there to enhance your RV experience, most of them free or for a small fee.  I am a bit bummed that the Roadside America app I wanted is only available in iOS.  I was all set to pay the $5.99 for all regions just to find the oddball stuff just waiting to be seen out there.  I'll have to text the grandkids for information I guess.

Many of these were featured recently in the Escapees magazine and I just had to share the info.

Long Live the Queen of Apps


  1. Yes, I am a member of Untappd. LOL! Also use gas buddy religiously. We may not need 75 gallons at a time, but when you are on the road full time, it all helps. Thanks for the other tips.

  2. Sounds like a lot of good stuff to try!

  3. Some of these aps sound pretty good. I especially like the Audubon Field Guide. My problem is that when I add an ap to my phone, the phone starts telling me that it doesn't have enough space and that some features will have to stop working. Obviously, I must be doing something wrong. One of these days, I'll go to Best Buy for a lesson on phone aps. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.