Sunday, May 22, 2016

George's Post

Hey guys, George here.  The Queen is off playing with pickles or something like that, I don't understand it but she gets all excited and gives lots of love when she's back, so it's okay with me.

About this throwing up thing.  It's just something I've been doing for a long time, don't know why really...but it has the Queen very concerned.  I really don't feel sick and love to eat all the time, so what's the problem?  So she has to do a little extra carpet shampooing...big deal.

It's bad enough I have to go back for my teeth to be cleaned, but I heard them talking about an ultrasound.  Not sure what the heck that is, but they talked about having me stretched out and held very still to do it, so I'm thinking it must be something like being on the rack.  That got me shook me, let me tell ya!

I got so shook up that last night I hocked up this massive hairball.  Now, I have to warn you...the image you're about to see is pretty disgusting but I'm rather proud of it in a sick sort of way.  I think it's some of my best work.

It must have done the trick, because this morning the Queen called the Dreaded House of Horrors (aka the vet clinic) and left a message that we will proceed with the dental work and a shot of antibiotics on Thursday and then I'll visit a different Dreaded House of Horrors in our Ham Lake area for some follow up blood work.  Ewww.  Another needle.  What do I look like ...a pin cushion?

Then if it's absolutely necessary for the ultrasound thingee we'll come back to the Wisconsin location in the Fall before heading to Arizona for the winter.

I think that's a more reasonable approach and maybe we can avoid some unnecessary poking and probing on my furry orange self...I'd sure like that.  Well, I guess I'll take another nap.

Oh geez...look at Gracie.  If I'm getting a photo being cute she has to knock out a pose for the camera as well.  She's such a have no idea what I have to go through here. 

 Long Live Prince George


  1. Unfortunately, I was reading this while eating lunch (in Arizona). Had to quickly close the tablet so that I could finish my salad! LOL

  2. I bet that furball was causing you lots of troubles. I am glad you are feeling better. Nice tummy shots.

  3. George, I hope you're all fixed up nicely real soon. You and Gracie are both so beautiful. Goodness, that's some spectacular hair ball. Maybe your mom could frame it and hang it so that everyone can enjoy it. You and Gracie have a super day. Hugs, Pogo's mom.