Friday, May 20, 2016

Crunch Time

May is a busy month for us as we visit all our health care providers to ensure we are healthy enough to have this much fun.

We now have new glasses, new hearing aids, our teeth are good, the mammogram completed, meds renewed, physical completed and last pap smear.  After 65 this is not deemed necessary and I can't say I'll miss this procedure.

The car went in for a minor repair that was covered under warranty.

The cats went to the vet for their check ups and rabies shots.  All was going well until here.  Gracie was fine, aced her exam as she always does and received many treats for being so charming. 

George is another story.

I knew he'd need dental work again, this is visible even to my untrained eye.  But his liver counts were high again and that has the vet concerned.  Add to this his penchant for vomiting on a more regular basis than we'd like and it's time to take action.

The vet moved his dental work up a week to fit us in before our departure on June 1st.  But after checking his blood work further she was quite concerned about possible problems with his pancreas.  His diet was confirmed as good, so no changes there.  But he will need an ultrasound before we know what course of action to take.

Luckily there is a mobile vet unit that comes to the clinic when needed for this kind of thing.  Now, getting her schedule and my vet's schedule to coincide prior to our departure may be tricky.  The call is out to the ultrasound vet and it's a waiting game to see how this all plays out.

He will not need any kind of surgery, our vet was certain of that.  It should be treatable with medication.  Whether this will be an ongoing medication or one time I have no idea.

Hopefully this will all play out on schedule, but if not...we are on wheels and our plays are written in jello.  If we need to delay for another week, so be it.

Long Live the Queen of Cats


  1. I am glad Gracie is doing well. I will add George to my prayer list.

  2. Keep us posted on this. Get lots of info as to cause, prognosis, etc. You are in my prayers, as always. I am here, if you need/want to talk.

  3. Gosh, I hope George can be treated with just meds. Oh, I feel so sorry for him. It's not fun to not be well. I was glad to hear that your schedule is flexible to tend to George's needs. You're a good fur mommy. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.