Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trying Something New

When Left Brain and I were at the eye doctors recently, he mentioned a book called "Eat Fat Get Thin".  We were both intrigued and soon he had it on our Kindles and after browsing through it I knew I had to have a hard copy in my hands.  This is very similar to the Paleo diet, which I'm exploring more and more.

The Kindle is great for most things, but sometimes I just want good old paper to mark up and yellow highlight.  Yes, I know, you can do this electronically as well, but this old brain relates better to an old fashioned book.

We've needed something to motivate us into healthier eating and this has done the trick.  This will shock my friends for sure, but May 1st was the last day I had my Coke Zero. Gasp.  I know....I can't hardly believe it myself.

Part of the process is go rid the house of all the unhealthy oils, sugars, dairy products, artificial sweeteners and grain products.  So, these got all boxed up and sent home with my son when he came for supper.  I did keep my supply of sugar to use for the hummingbirds.

Then I started searching online for recipes that could replace the bread that we enjoy so much.  This is where I discovered Elena Amsterdam.  Her recipes are simple and use basically the same stock ingredients with kind of cooking.

My first attempt was Irish Soda Bread, which uses almond flour in place of wheat flour.  Holy cow!  Now we're gluten free as well.  It sounded good in theory, but this girl loves her sweets...will it taste okay?  I was almost afraid to give it a try, but the redeeming factor is in this diet you are to eat healthy fats, so real grass fed butter is now in our fridge.

OMG!  It was so good.  It tasted like a dessert and was so simple to make.  You can sense my relief.  We got so carried away with sampling that I forgot to photo the loaf intact.

Now I was inspired and so I ordered her book on Paleo Cooking.

Let me tell you...this has been an eye opening experience and I've found aisles in the grocery store that I've never ventured into.  There's a whole new world out there just waiting to be discovered.  The fat makes us more satisfied and keeps us full longer.  I find myself not snacking throughout the day as I usually do.

Since goat cheese is acceptable that was a relief as we both love the creamy taste and consistency of this product.  But I didn't know you could get it in cheddar flavor as well as many others.  

My favorite new find is the Just Bare Chicken.  This is Certified Humane and was the best tasting chicken I've had in a long time. tastes like chicken...real chicken.  I didn't realize until I threw away the coding on the package, but I could have tracked my chicken to the family farm it was raised on.  I just watched the view at and was very pleased with the ethical way these birds are handled.  This has been a long standing concern of mine and I'm tickled pink to find a source of food that is raised and processed humanely.

There is so much to learn!  I'm going to try the cauliflower "mashed potatoes" tonight with supper.  Supposedly you can use cauliflower as "rice" also.  Who knew?

Long Live the Queen of Healthy Eating


  1. In our house, I am a cook. Bill is the Chef. He can cook anything. He loves the Cooking channel and Food network. But, he makes up unbelievable recipes, too. We have been married 35 years (in June), and I am still amazed. Of course, I do the clean up. But, it is worth it!

  2. I'll be interested in how this diet works. So far, it sounds rather tasty. Good luck with it, and have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Corn tortillas are gluten free.