Thursday, April 28, 2016

Visiting the Dentist

It was time once again for our yearly dental exams and we both came out without needing any work done.

I told my hygienist that my goal last year was to floss every night and lose fifty pounds.  Well, one of two isn't bad.

 During the x-ray procedure I gagged on the square piece of film they jam into your mouth and she hurried to pull it out for me.

It was then I made the mistake of sharing one of my secret fears with her.  I ran through my scenario of being abducted, tied and gagged and thrown into the trunk and on my way to what was bound to be a very bad experience.  This was okay until I expressed my main fear in this is that I would gag from having a rag shoved into my mouth.

She looked at me and asked "Seriously?  You're tied up in the back of a crazy persons car and you're worried about being gagged?"  I guess my priorities didn't seem in order for her.  Oh well, they're my fears...not hers.

It was when I was trying to explain the cat walk and ramp with the tunnel to the tent that she began to eye me carefully.  Then I brought up the photos on my blog to show her.  Yup..I'm sure she thinks I'm certifiable now.

Long Live the Queen of Gags


  1. Does it surprise you that I understand your fears? Seriously. It all goes with the claustrophobia, suffocation fears. *augh* I am glad your experience today was nothing like that!

  2. Gosh, if only I could follow you around with a camera and a recorder! We could make a new TV soap opera "As The Queen's Day Turns" or maybe "A Day In The Life Of A Queen."

    Of course, it would be a number one hit!! p.s. I have a problem with claustrophobia too. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.