Monday, April 11, 2016

Sewing with a calico cat

Gracie is a very inquisitive creature.  She always has to see what I'm doing and manages to get involved on a purr-sonal level.

This happens a lot when I'm sewing.  All my sewing materials are in an overhead bin, so when I am ready to work on a project I need to drag everything out and spread it on the bed.  This leaves the most tempting cubbyhole to be explored....great for those afternoon naps.

Then there is the project box to be dealt with.  I keep all the materials for the current project in one of these and apparently they also make for good naps.  The nice thing about these boxes is they unzip at the bottom and fold up flat when not in use.


But the real fun is checking out the project itself fits!
I really struggled with the cereal bag.  First I cut it incorrectly (never cut fabric under the influence of pain meds). So, I altered it by adding a yellow stripe at the top. This was done back when I had the shingles....I'm all better now.

Then I forgot to insert the side panels to stiffen them...still under same meds.  I had to remove the stitching of the binding to fix this.  Gracie has decided to inspect my work here.

When I noticed she was gone I went to work on it, only to find she was sound asleep deep inside the bag.  Yes, of course, I waited until her nap was finished before continuing.

But finally it was complete and you can see the ears behind the cereal boxes.  Sigh...she's always there.

There is nothing in the house that escapes having some cat hair added to it.

Long Live the Sewing Queen


  1. Oh, yes. Gracie is a cat. Calicoes (and their mirror cat, torties) are always so "bossy". They are in charge. You work for her, remember, so she has to supervise every move. It looks like you are doing well, and so is she. Hug.

  2. What fun photos of Gracie. Isn't it wonderful when our fur babies enjoy helping with our craft projects? Pogo has to inspect everything too. I guess it is in their nature to help us. Your cereal bag is awesome. Where do you find these fabulous fabrics? They are so different.

    Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.