Friday, April 8, 2016

Putting on the Food Bag

It's so unsightly having a bag of potatoes laying around, don't you agree?  When you live in a small area, there just aren't enough places to store things out of sight.  So what's a girl to do?  Enter the potato bag.

That's right!  Make a clever little bag to store the items!  This turned out so cute I decided to order the fabric in an onion theme for the onions as well.

I have these little suckers all over the house as they hang nicely on hooks and look pretty.

This bag stores the vacuum cleaner attachments

This one holds the cat food and is done in a money fabric theme because this seems to be where most of our grocery money goes.

But I especially enjoy creating them with the correct theme fabric.

This is to store my yarn and knitting supplies
Even though we store the extra boxes of cereal under the steering wheel table (doesn't every home have one of these?), it's still nice to have them put away nicely.  So I just had to make a bag for the cereal when I found this great cereal theme fabric.

There seems to always be a calico cat in the photo.

Hmmm, I usually have an extra stash of my Coke Zero on hand, so really needed a bag for that as well.  You can see here that my Quality Assurance rep is checking it out.

I can see where this could quickly get out of hand....somebody stop me!

Long Live the Compulsive Sewing Queen


  1. Your "topical" bags are awesome!! What a clever idea. How fabulous that you can find these different fabrics. BTW, LB's rib dish looked ever so yummy! Have fun in Nashville. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. This is so much fun. I like the idea of coordinating the bag to the contents. I love your QA Inspector, too.