Friday, April 22, 2016

What? What Did You Say?

I've noticed that we both need things repeated lately and decided it was time to take action.  We both had purchased hearing aids several years ago, but they are not the best and obviously technology have improved.

I mentioned to Left Brain a while back that I thought we needed some new hearing aids.  His response was "why do we need hand grenades?"  You see the problem.

He scheduled the appointments and we went to the clinic yesterday to see an audiologist and assess our options.

As we approached the front desk the lady asked "Who are you seeing today?".  Left Brain's response was "Fine, how are you?" I said we had an appointment with audiology and she nodded and smiled.

Our exam was performed by a very capable and professional young lady named Maggie.  It was very thorough and we learned that we both had more hearing loss.  Oh the joys of aging.

She went over our options and the prices (gasp).  We swallowed hard and Left Brain announced we wanted the best technology possible.  I agreed, as this is an investment in enhancing our life.  As our son says, we're spending the kids inheritance.  Yup...that we are.

We picked out our new hearing aids and then she proceeded to offer us color choices.  Whaaaat?  She fanned open a sample card of all the various colors and explained people often liked to match the hearing aid to the color of their hair.  Left Brain told her "good luck with mine".  She picked silver for me to go with the gray hair, which is coming in nicely I'm pleased to say.  I've always found gray hair attractive and because my mother had dark brown hair to the day she died, I feared it would not be in my future.  Weird, I know, but I  am embracing the aging process, not running away from it and trying to stay eternally young.  I'm no fool...I know it can't be done.

Left Brain will have custom fitting ones to further assist with his hearing loss.  Mine will sit behind the ear and have a small wire going into the ear canal. 

These new aids sound amazing and I can't wait until May 11th when we receive them and start wearing them.  We'll see Maggie again before we leave for Minnesota to make sure all is well.

The only problem is now I'll have to just "think" those snarky comments I want to make to Left Brain as I exit the room.  Of course, even though he can't hear me...he knows what I'm thinking.

Long Live the Queen of Good Hearing


  1. I think it's wonderful that you are both getting new hearing aids. I just wish someone had invented a "brain aid". There are days when my brain goes on vacation without me. I will be talking and lose track of a much needed word to finish my sentence. Eventually I just come up with a new sentence.

    You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. I think it's great what you do for your cats. If I can ever talk Sherry into full timing we would definitely do something similar for our three fur kids. I'm sure cats aren't immune to cabin fever.

    Safe travels,


  3. Gene is getting into selective hearing...if he wants to finish something before I NEEEEEd him!!!!

  4. Gene is getting into selective hearing...if he wants to finish something before I NEEEEEd him!!!!