Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bowl Cozies

Well.  I finally finished all the bowl cozies I'd started in the past.  Why can't I learn that I don't need to sew like I'm still doing craft fairs anymore?  It's like potato just can't stop making them. But I'm drawing the line at the 35 I have created.

For those who don't know what these are, let me explain.

You put the fabric cozy under the bowl before placing it in the microwave to heat up the contents. 

When your dish is nice and hot and ready to be enjoyed, you can grab the edges of the fabric to lift it out.

This prevents you from burnt fingers and also acts as a spill catcher during the heating process or while eating.

They're fun to make (obviously!) and now I have a lifetime supply.

Long Live the Queen


  1. Your bowl cozies are fabulous!! I use mine every day. It's raining here, and I'm watching the little birds popping in and out of the hedge beneath my window for some food. The little woodpecker, though, isn't letting the rain discourage him from hanging on to the treat holder while he eats.

    You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.