Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Settled In

On the last part of our journey we had a bit of excitement. As a semi passed us one of its tires blew out and smacked the side of our RV.  It sounded like a gunshot and we didn't know if it was our tire or his that blew.

Left Brain navigated See-More off to the side of the road and we stopped to inspect the vehicle.  Actually, he did the inspecting and I continued knitting.  The damage was minimal and we were able to continue driving.

But it did rattle us a bit and we decided it was time to call it a day.  We pulled into the county park I'd found near Madison only to find every spot was reserved.  When the ranger showed up he explained there was a horse fair coming in that weekend.

So we backtracked a bit to the Ho-Chunk casino near Madison and settled in for the night.  There were only a couple of other RVs and some semis parked off to the back, so it was an easy set up.  There were no hookups, but with our generator we were able to watch a little TV and fix supper.

The next day we got into Whispering Pines and worked hard to get everything set up.  I took the car in for washing and detailing to get everything clean and then put the things we store back into the trunk.

We have a nice concrete patio and with the sunshade down to protect us from the afternoon sun, we're all set.  I finally was able to dismantle things inside to do a cleaning out of all the dust and dirt that had accumulated and we're starting out clean for the spring.

Our first project is building the cat walk.  I had detailed drawings of how this would fit together and went to Menards in search of what I need.  They were missing one key piece, so I had to redesign a bit on the fly.  Then I found they had the pvc pipes in sections of 5' and not the 10' I used when designing.  Another quit recalculation and it was back to the RV.

Grrrr.  We didn't keep the pvc pipe cutter I used to own and since I needed a lot of cuts, I went back to purchase that tool.

After cutting the pieces up to make it work, I found that I didn't have the correct connectors for half of the project.  And I will need two more 5' pieces of pipe.  Next stop will be to return the stuff not required and purchase the remaining stuff to finish the job.  I sure hope this sucker works.

On Sunday we met our son at Red Lobster (it's a tradition with us) to catch up on all the news and see what's going on in his life.  Was too excited to see him again that I forgot to take a photo.

After lunch we hit Walmart for Left Brain's prescriptions and some vittles and then Menards to get the rest of the stuff.

The cat walk will make its appearance on a separate blog when it's complete.  I can imagine George will be afraid of it, but Gracie will venture out into it and show him the ropes.

Long Live the Queen


  1. I love your opening image. That's how I feel some days. I'm so glad no one was hurt during the road mishap. I'm trying to visualize your catwalk, but not having any luck, so I'll be watching for photos. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Do they have park models that they rent out? Hup, we're still looking for a place to lite.

  3. Glad you got home safely. Enjoy your summer.

  4. Glad you're here...Gene claims Menards sends out scouts looking for him if he doesn't show up regularly! We have been home a week and so far three visits!