Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Someday my Prints Will Come....

Our old printer was finally getting the best of us.  It insisted it needed paper even though the hopper was full.  It jammed continually.  It was becoming a pain in the tuckus.

Its last malady was that the yellow ink cartridge was finally so low (or dried up) it would not default to just printing in black.  I'm not sure why, but it just wouldn't.

So our day started out simply enough, have lunch and then do a little shopping.  Pick up some yellow ink.

Since we hate going to Walmart during the busy times, we stopped at Target.  Great deal, we could even get our groceries here and be done with it.

One problem.  They didn't carry the kind of ink we needed.

We looked at each other as then eyed up the printer on sale for $70.  It came with ink.  It went into the cart.

I am so glad we did this.  This printer works beautifully and will even print double sided without having to stand there and flip the paper over.  I enjoy standing there and just watching it.  Yes, I AM that easily amused.

We haven't explored all it's features yet, but apparently we can print from our tablets and phones as well.  Not sure why we'd want to do this...but we can.

It's much more sleek and stylish and simple to use.

Sorry old printer...we're kicking you to the curb.

Long Live the Queen


  1. Our printer is still good, though not wireless. It is my Internet connecion that is a problem right now.

  2. It's cheaper to buy a new printer than a whole package of each color of ink! Such a though away society we have become!

  3. Love your new header photo...looks like heading back to the midwest. Marti and I did some shooting at Ethel M's today and the boys were good sports and carried our "stuff". It is a very late bloom here this year and hardly anything is ready to pop.

  4. I'm so ready for a "modern" printer. Our travel printer does just B&W, no copy features, etc. But, at $29 it was a great buy and has served us well for 2 years and counting. As long as it keeps printing from KrazyDad I'm happy (that's the world's best free Suduko site)

  5. I wish you many good years with your new printer. This ones sounds wonderful. I meant to tell you yesterday that I love your new blog header. Maybe some day, I'll get around to changing mine too. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.