Friday, May 8, 2015

We'll have fun at the Y M C A

On my first visit to the YMCA to play pickleball I was so excited to get there I left early.  Way too early.  I had the wrong time in my head and arrived an hour and a half before the building opened.  Ooops.  Even with all the time to take a photo, I didn't think of it, but I found this old image on Google.  It hasn't changed much.

Since I had time to kill, I set out for whatever might be open, which ended up being Walmart.  Of course, this being a small town I ended up waiting for a train while it slowly crept along.  Then it stopped.  Then it backed up.  And finally it went forward again and cleared the tracks.

So glad I wasn't trying to get to the hospital on the other side of the tracks!

I did resist the urge to stop at Bloedow's, the notoriously wonderful bakery on Broadway.  I drove past it twice without stopping.  Another image from Google since I didn't dare pull the car over.

Once in Walmart I went to the electronics department to look for Fitbits.  I would love to have this bracelet that monitors how many steps taken, stairs climbed, calories burned, etc.  My friend Marti has one and therefore I must also.  It's just always been that way with us.

I had hoped to purchase one and be able to use it right away, but I couldn't make a decision.  I think I like the clip she has as the display is much larger and easier on old eyes.

Finally it was time to return to the Y and start to play!  It was the nicest group of people you could imagine.  Of course pickleball players all seem pretty darn nice.  The age mix was from a young boy of about 11, several college aged, some in their 30's and 40's and a few old geezers like me.

After playing I enjoyed a shower and sitting in the hottub for a while.

The drive time allows for some alone time to listen to the radio station and my music and just be alone with my thoughts.  

It was a pretty blissful experience and I can't wait to repeat it!

Long Live the Queen of Pickleball


  1. really glad you didn't mind the drive. :)

  2. This sounds like something I'd do. I'd be excited to start something and end up being too early. Oh but look at the fun you had while you were waiting for the Y to open. I hope you find the Fitbit you are looking for. I love the photo of the old building. Brings back memories of how some of the buildings from my childhood looked. It's nice to see these old places still here. Enjoy your pickleball!! Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs, Edna B.