Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Campground guest

I noticed the dirt and tunnel next to my bird bath, at the base of the bird feeder and wondered who it might be.

Then he popped his head up and said hi.

We have a guest on our campsite and he's so cute.

Apparently he's a smart gopher as he's situated himself near a source of water and food.

Best of all, he provides much entertainment for George and Gracie as they wait in attack mode for the perfect pounce.   
And they'd get him for sure if it wasn't for being in that mesh tunnel.

George waiting in the "pick up window" for us to carry him back inside for a snack, a drink, nap or whatever.

It's not quite the wildlife we've experienced at some places, but he's adorable and we enjoy watching him.

Long Live the Queen of Varmints


  1. he is cute! i've not seen a gopher or chipmunk since i left wisconsin. :)

  2. We have these chipmunks, too. Chloe Jo watches them forage under the bird feeders. That one is brave to hang around so much activity!

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  4. Your new guest is darling. I love these little critters. When my brother was here, we had one tiny chipmunk who would sit outside and wait for my brother to bring out a bowlful of goodies for him (I think it was a him) everyday. Enjoy your new friend, and have a super evening. Hugs, Edna B.