Friday, May 15, 2015

Not much going on

It's been pretty quiet here, lots of wind and some rain...springtime in Wisconsin.

Tuesday was pickleball in Winona (2o miles north of here) and I had a craving for Indian food, so drove into La Crosse to visit A Taste of India for their buffet.  Very disappointing.  There wasn't much to chose from and the flavors just seemed off.

Wednesday I met a lady I've become friends with on Facebook.  It was a bit disconcerting since the night before on TV there was a show about a person meeting someone via social media that went very badly.  However, Resa tends to post lots of photos of colorful birds, houses and I didn't figure she was on the deep web.

We were to meet at a little coffee shop, but it was closed up...apparently for good.  We opted to visit a Perkins close by to dine and visit...two of my favorite pastimes in life.

Wednesday's weather allowed for outdoor pickleball and Left Brain joined me for a few games in Onalaska.  After playtime ended we went to the home of our friends, Colleen and Eric, for hamburgers on the grill.

Doing this necessitated driving by our former property and as much as I would have liked not to look at it, it was hard to avoid.  It's so sad to see all my lovely gardens looking so shabby and unkempt and lots of junk and vehicles sitting in front.

I managed to finally get my 10,000 step goal met on Thursday.  Actually logged 11,800 steps just playing pickleball in Winona.  Of course, I started at 8:30 and ended at noon, so there was a lot of time to get those in.

On Friday Left Brain and Larry took off for golfing and Gracie was so obnoxious I left the RV to go have a bagel at Panera just to get away from her.  She's a constant attention seeker and is relentless in her pursuits.  I'm thinking there's a little kitty ADHD or OCD or something like that. When ever you turn around...there she is.

She's checking out the hanging shelves I added to the closet.

She's actually yawning here....but looks like a mighty roar.

So, pretty boring here.  But I did want to share my friend Marti's blog site.  She just posted the photos from her visit to Antelope Canyon in Arizona.  They are stunning and need to be shared. 

Long Live the Queen of Boredom


  1. monster kitty. :) glad you played pickleball and met a friend, too. yes, it is hard to see places you formerly lived and loved.

  2. Oh my, I love that first image you posted here. It's absolutely true!! I know how it feels to go by your beloved home only to find it filled with neglect. When I sold my beautiful house to settle in here, I was heartbroken whenever I would drive by it. The new owner had no love fondness for keeping up appearance, and had no use for a nice yard full of grass and plants. Now I just avoid going by there.

    I'm back on a new med regime. Hopefully this time the meds will knock this wicked stuff out of my system so that Pogo and I can go outside to play while it is still Spring time. Ah well, at least we can keep the door open and watch Spring.

    I think it's great that you got to meet another web friend. As for Gracie, maybe she just needs to get out more. She's definitely a mama's girl. Of course, my little guy is like that too. I just have to look down by my feet to find him most of the time. Ah, but that's part of what makes them such treasures.

    You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Gracie is a calico. That is what is going on with her. With calicos (and torties) it IS al about them. It just is. *wink*

  4. Lesley goes back to Leicestershire to visit her chum our (former) next door neighbour but I've not been able to bring myself to go back and see the old homestead yet since we moved from there to here last October.
    The buyers have torn out the front garden and cut down lots of trees at the back to create a new rear access drive.
    Too painful.... :(