Monday, May 11, 2015

Gathering photos for Roadtripper

I've taken it upon myself to supply Roadtripper with the missing photos for this area.

It's funny how you can live somewhere all your life and fail to see the beauty.  Now I gaze with the eyes of a tourist and find so many interesting things.

During my search for the missing photos, I stumbled upon some fun images and wanted to share them.

This cat has the purrfect life sitting in the window watching all the activity on the streets below. I love the detail in the window arches.

This old building had a nostalgic lamp in the window that called to me.

Then there was this old beer sign.  Third Street in La Crosse is famous for the number of taverns to be found.

I can imagine the ballroom was quite swanky in it's heyday. I have to admit that I've passed by this door many times and never even noticed it before. What a difference it makes when you just slow down and explore.

There are some lovely buildings in this old river town, much lovelier than I recall as a young person.  I'll share more images later as I discover new things.

Long Live the Queen of Nostalgia


  1. some nice features you found. :)

  2. You are so right. We humans take things for granted. It is just human nature.

    I think it is cool that you are taking the pictures of your area, and also thst you feel it is benefitting you, too. ❤

  3. Sometimes we just have to make the time to become more observant...

  4. Love the cat in the window. Super photos.

  5. Your "missing" photos are great. You're absolutely right. So often in life, we don't slow down enough to smell the roses at hand. I love the decorative trim work around the window in that first photo. I think the kitty knows how grand she looks sitting there. I'm thinking that Roadtripper is going to be very happy with these photos. You have a super day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

  6. I love the window with the cat...even if it had only the cat, I would love it but it does have some fine detail...and then that detail that goes all along the building that is right below the window above...pretty neat. And I LOVE the lamp in the window.