Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Clock Ticks On

Our stay in Wisconsin is nearing the end, with only a couple of weeks left to go.  So much to do little time. 

What!  We're moving again soon?  I was just getting comfortable here.

 Now if the weather would settle down.  We had such a downpour of rain that our street became a small river, flooding our patio.  It must be the Texas plates that brought it on.
the view out our side window
Most of the medical exams are done, or so we thought.  Left Brain has to undergo his colonoscopy yet and have a sleep study done as he may have sleep apnea.

The earliest appointment for the sleep study is July 9, but we are on the waiting list for any last minute cancellations.  It would be nice not to have to drive back for this last appointment.

The cats go in Monday morning for their check ups and rabies shots.  Then Left Brain goes back to the dentist that afternoon to finish up his crown.  

It seems every day for the next two weeks has something planned.

I did manage to finally find time to go visit my cousin Jean, something I failed to do last year.  Left Brain and I were heading to a movie, but had a bunch of laundry to do; so he suggested dropping him off with the laundry while Jean and I chatted.  He's so sweet that way and we had a great time connecting.

She and I had reconnected just before our full-time RV'ing began.  I was at an art show and this lady approached me and started talking about how she makes dolls also.  After a while she asked where I was from and then remarked that she also graduated from the same high school.

What an amazing coincidence!  Then I asked her maiden name and by matched mine.  I'd just found my cousin I hadn't seen for decades.  Seems she was on the west coast working and just moved back recently when retiring.

It was uncanny how much we have in common and as she showed me around her charming house and gardens I could feel a strong connection.  She loves to read, we like the same artists and both sew and make dolls.  She has two large dogs and a cat.  Definitely sisters under the skin.

It reminded me of a joke where two men in a bar were comparing life histories and a bystander was amazed at all the coincidences in their life.  Then the bartender explained it was just the O'Malley brothers and they were drunk again.

After my visit with Jean I returned to pick up Left Brain and the completed laundry to meet another friend, Beth, at the movie to watch "San Andreas".  She's a confirmed punster and asked me if I'd heard all the uproar about the movie from the people on the west coast.  When I replied that no, who was complaining and why she smiled and said "well, it's really nobody's fault". 

After the movie was over and we walked out, we looked at each other and spontaneously burst into singing "I felt the earth move ...under my feet".  Left Brain just looked straight ahead and tried to pretend he didn't know who we were.

Since it's impossible to find summer clothes in the south during the winter (even though it IS hot), I made it a point to go shopping for my winter wardrobe.  I just stuck to the basics and got two pairs of capris (one black, one white) and three pairs of shorts (one black, one white and one tan).  Tops are easier to find and this way I can mix and match to my hearts content. I still have this fantasy of losing all the fat so I hate to buy too much.  Also there's limited space for my clothes in our little house.

Long Live the Queen


  1. i like the story of finding your cousin just randomly. :)

  2. Your cousin story is super fascinating. I met up with one of my cousins this way. Only it was in a bar. Something about her kept me staring at her. So before she came over and wiped the floor with me (she was very tall) I took my beer and went over to her table. I apologized, and explained why I had been staring, and come to find out, she was my cousin. I hadn't seen her in nearly 40 years. It's a small world. I'm so glad you found your cousin.

    I'm sorry the rain is following you. But if it starts looking like you may need a canoe to get around, leave sooner. I have friends in Texas, and so far they are okay, but the weather is getting very scary for them.

    Now I need to get in the kitchen and find something tasty for Pogo's supper. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.