Sunday, May 31, 2015

Death of My Kindle

I'd noticed lately that my Kindle Fire seemed to run out of battery frequently, even though I generally read with it still plugged in  This had been going on for a while and I finally decided to check the internet to see if others have had problems.

Hmmm, the first item on the Kindle Help Line was "my Kindle won't hold a charge".  There was a place to click Call Now, so I did and entered my phone number.  In seconds my phone was ringing with the support tech.  I was impressed.

She had me try what my computer guy would refer to as a "power enema" by holding the start button down for 40 seconds to reboot it.  Didn't help.  We chatted about other options and I explained that I'd tried all those provided, such as trying other cords, outlets and adapters.'s dying.

Since she was not able to do any technical CPR with me on the line I was referred to a "higher up" support person.  After checking my records he said that we had purchased this June 6th of last year, so it was completely under warranty.

He explained that a new one would be shipped out to me on Monday and it should arrive by Wednesday.  I am to use the same box and print out the return address label via an email he will send.  An even trade...a new one for a dead one.  I'm so glad it croaked when it did.  Usually things seem to die a day or two after the warranty has expired.

Then lo and behold the new one arrived already today, on Tuesday...ahead of schedule.  I have it charging up and will return the old one tomorrow.

Am I pleased with Amazon and their service...hell yeah!

Long Live the Kindle Queen


  1. I still have my original old as the hills Kindle - but I don't need it anymore. It's buried somewhere in the storage unit. I use the Kindle App on my ipad and it transferred all my books over. I just choose the ipad when I order a new book and I'm set to go with one less electronic device to keep charged.

  2. A bit of advice from a Geek Squad guy who helped me with a similar issue: don't keep your Kindle plugged in once it's charged. It's made to run on battery. Charge as needed and then unplug. If you need to charge it while you read, go ahead and do so, but generally, the rule of thumb is to go it unplugged.

    For what it's worth...
    :) Happy Kindling!

    1. This is good to know and I'll use it unplugged and just charge it up at night.

    2. This is good to know and I'll use it unplugged and just charge it up at night.

  3. I was told the same thing for my Mac Book Pro and Amazon Android Cell Phone. It would have been nice to have been told that with the others.

  4. I was also impressed with Amazon when my Kindle screen had broken and they replaced it very fast no questions asked being it was still under warranty.

  5. I have been a happy customer of Amazon for quite some time now. Their service is unbeatable. I started using them years ago to buy my college text books. Their prices for used books was just awesome. (still is) I'm so glad your Kindle Fire was replace so quickly. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. I was going to say what Becky said! You can actually exhaust a battery by overcharging. I guess it is the old adage about too much rest making you tired. Well, I don't have to worry about that. It seems I am always weeding or mowing! Ha! Enjoy that new Kindle.