Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

I haven't had a cold for a long time, and this one really knocked me out.  So for about a week now I've been basically sleeping and taking NyQuil and DayQuil to survive the duration of the cold.  Not being able to play pickleball for this long has seriously hampered my normally good mood.

Thank goodness I was finally feeling better before Memorial Day weekend when the family arrived for a visit.  Saturday was still a nice day, so we were able to enjoy them at our RV.  It's a bit crowded with the sunshade making the patio narrow, but it all works.

Even though I was feeling better, I still wasn't with it enough to think of photos, so I thank my lovely daughter for filling in for me.    I haven't had any photos of me with my son in ages, and now I have these fabulous memories to cherish.

He's such a sweetie.

But it's good to know I still have my karate moves!
Stephanie was needing some shade for her eyes and in a momentary lapse of judgement ended up wearing Left Brain's Green Bay Packer hat.  Oh oh.

Left Brain played the part of master chef and grilled up some steaks for supper.  I did the baked potatoes in the crockpot, always a nice easy way to cook without heating up the place.

The initial plan was to have the family camp on our site, but with the nasty weather forecast we ended up booking them into a motel room instead. It ended up being a nice large poolside room with a couch, fridge, and microwave, so we used it as a gathering spot when the weather went bad.

On Sunday we went to Dublin Square for lunch and then to see the Community Theaters matinee performance of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Then it was back to the motel room for some more killer cribbage and when we all found ourselves hungry again, Ted ran over to Edwardo's for some pizza for supper.

It was a fun gathering with a lot of good cribbage playing and laughter.  Having the motel option really made things easier for both families as it allowed them some space to spread out and us old people had nice quiet evenings to relax before going to bed.

Monday they did a brief stop by for some farewell hugs as they headed back home and to attend an annual party held by their friends.  We just sat back the rest of the day and relaxed.

Long Live the Queen of Memories


  1. sounds like you made the best of it. glad you felt better, too!

  2. I was wondering if you had packed up and headed North already.

  3. Must have been a fabulous time!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend was had by all. Glad you're feeling better.


  5. You have a handsome son, Cheryl. And, he looks like his mom!! What a wonderful way to spend the weekend. I used to love playing cribbage with my brother. It's so hard to find anyone who can play it anymore.

    Now I'm going to check on your next post. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.