Sunday, May 31, 2015

We Just Put Money Down on Our Next New Car!

We just have no idea when it might be manufactured.  What?

Left Brain recently learned about a new car, well...actually it's a motorcycle and we are both smitten with it.

The Elio has three wheels, so is technically a motorcycle, but it has all the comforts of a car, with speeds up to 100 mph. 
The best part is it gets 84 mpg.

Well, there's many pluses for this new creation.  In addition to the 84 mpg, it's engineered to the highest safety standard with three airbags, reinforced roll cage frame, anti-lock braking, and 50% larger crash zones than other comparable vehicles.

It is American made with 90% North American content. They are being built in an abandoned factory in Shreveport Louisiana, providing jobs in America. 

The cost is $6,800.  This is not designed to be the only car, but rather a second vehicle for one or two people.  It would be perfect for hauling groceries, going out and about the town and yes, it will hold Left Brain's golf clubs...but not a second rider.  So he has to decide if he takes his clubs or Larry...not both.

Here is a short video about the founder, Paul Elio and his vision.

Some parts are a bit strange, like only having one door on the drivers side.  That's because the person in the backseat enters from that door as well.  Yup, you sit one in front of another as in a motorcycle.  The difference is that you have a seat belt and two side air bags.

It comes standard with power windows and locks, AC, heat, and AM/FM stereo.

We figure we're at the age where it's hard to get people to turn heads and say "Wow!  Look at that!", so this might just do the trick for us.

Both of us enjoy trying new things and so we signed up and sent money to put us on the waiting list.  Production will begin in 2016 and I have no idea how long it might be before we will be notified that ours is ready to be created.  Then we can choose our color and whatever other options might be available by that time.

The way we look at it, if this comes too late for us, it might be the perfect car for our teenage grandkids as they become licensed.  Yes, does come in a lime green.

Long Live the Queen of Tiny Houses and Cars


  1. pretty neat! i can see it getting you a lot of attention roving about the country. :)

  2. Irv has had his eye on this 3 cylinder vehicle.

  3. This is so cool! I must say I am very happy to hear it is American made! It is cute, too. I certainly do hope that you both get to enjoy it for many years!

  4. We paid our deposit about nine months ago! So glad to hear from someone else who took the plunge!! Let us know if you hear any news!!

  5. Wow, I love it!!! My only problem is once Pogo and I are in it, there is no room for a second person. Hmmm, I wonder if in time, the designers will find a way for a second person? (I mean as well as the doggie car seat) I wonder if it comes in tangerine too? I wish you both many fun years with your beautiful new vehicle. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.