Friday, May 29, 2015

The Arizona Buzzard Lives On

I launched a travel bug in Missouri a long time ago with the following mission:

"This Arizona Buzzard is fascinated by anything with the letter "A". His mission is to travel to places to preferably start with the letter "A", whether it be city, state or country.

He's not fussy (he eats roadkill for heaven's sake!) and would settle for anything with an A in the name...or not.  Perhaps a visit to Canada, eh?

He just wants to FLY as far as he possibly can.Please help him on his mission and keep him moving on his journey."

Then he just dropped off the radar and even with search attempts by geocachers at the last location he couldn't be found. I'd given up on him for a long time, reconciling myself to the fact it was dead and gone forever.

And then I received an email telling me it had been spotted in a cache named Asakusa Kaminarimon located near Tokyo.  Yeah!  He lives on! 

Here's a map of where it has traveled so far.  It's the farthest traveling of all my travel bugs with 8886 miles so far.

It's so good to know he's safe and sound, and hopefully he will travel again soon.

Long Live the Buzzard Queen