Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why is the Queen knitting baby caps?

I have a hard time sitting still, so during travel times it is helpful to have something to occupy my mind and hands.

I started out knitting dishrags and have quite a supply of these, even after giving many of them away.

Then I learned about the baby caps groups knit to donate to hospitals for use in the neonatal unit.  So I decided to expand my knitting skills from just knitting to knitting and purling.  It's amazing what you can learn from books and You Tube.

These are harder for me than the dishrags as I have to pay a little attention....not my forte.   But they are kind of fun to create and it's nice knowing I have any number of places to distribute them.

Now I can knit, purl, increase and decrease...could there be booties in my future?

Hmmm, would George and Gracie enjoy wearing these?  Nah.

Long Live the Knit Picking Queen


  1. Idle hands terminology could never be applied to the Queen.

  2. Good for you, I'm sure the new mums appreciate your work.


  3. LOL at the 'Long live the knit-picking Queen!'

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    1. I have tried commenting here several times. What I tried to say was..."It is a wonderful thing to do this. Giving from the heart is its own reward. Hug."