Sunday, April 5, 2015

Finding more friends on the road

As I headed out yesterday to do a little geocaching on my bike, I noticed a big rig pulling in.  I mean a really really big rig.

I only know of one couple that has this impressive set up consisting of a heavy hauler, large fifth wheel and a Smart Car wedged in the middle(all of which match each other), and that would be Bob and Sue.

So I had to go over and check it out, even though the RV etiquette dictates you allow newcomers to get settled in before chatting with them.  I'll take some pumpkin muffins over later and apologize for my excitement.

We met them three years ago right here in Rainbow's End when we just started out on our full-timing adventure.

Sue was every woman's hero as she pulled in and proceeded to back this big boy into place.  There was a small throng of gawkers watching as she demonstrated her skills behind the wheel.  One lady said under her breath "and she's so pretty".  Hmmm.  Does she think you need to look like a truck driver in order to drive a big rig.

I was totally enthralled when she described how they lost the function of their brakes while going through traffic in Phoenix on their way here.  She managed to keep her calm and blasting her horn to warn others she got over to the side of the three lanes of traffic and using the emergency brake was able to halt the beast.  I had shivers as she described that scenario.

This makes driving See-More and pulling Baxter (our Honda) look like a piece of cake.

Long Live the Queen of the Road


  1. wow! what a set-up! but not without it's stress and dangers, apparently!

  2. So, what does a trucker look like? I have seen a wide variety of both men and women truckers. If they can drive the rig, I am impressed.
    Bill drove through the Rockies with only an emergency brake once. He didn't break a sweat.
    Your friends have a very nice set up! Enjoy!

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  4. Wow, that's an impressive set up! I have to give your friend a lot of credit. I don't think I could handle something that size. Well, maybe when I was younger. hehe. That's a nice photo. The colors are beautiful. Did you have a chance to see that gorgeous moon a couple of nights ago? Sad to say, it was not visible from my yard and I did not feel like driving somewhere else to view it. Maybe I'll take another ride to the ocean the next time we're expecting a moon like this one.

    Pogo and I are off to do a few errands this morning. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.