Monday, April 13, 2015

Left Brain and I Go Our Separate Ways

Since our next campground was 200 miles away and the quilt shop I wanted to visit was 100 miles away, we decided not to hook the car on for this trip.  We would each go in one of the vehicles and meet up later in the day.

So, this morning the Queen took the wheel of the car joyfully heading to the Missouri Star Quilt Company to do a little shopping and fondle the fabric I hold so dear.  All quilters are fabric gropers.  It's impossible to "oh and ah" without lovingly caressing the bolt.

Hamilton MO is known for its abundance of quilt shops and being the boyhood home of J.C. Penney.

When I initially entered the shop I was enthralled with all the goodies to see and touch, but it didn't seem all that was just a nice quilt shop.  Nothing wrong with that...but I was expecting more.

What I hadn't realized is that this building was just one of many within the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

In Penneys you will find all the solids, blenders and transitional fabrics that are the basic elements found in quilting.

In this building you will find "Sew Seasonal".  A store chock full of fabric for all the seasons.  Next door to it is Batik Boutique and yes, you guessed has nothing but batiks.  Sigh.  So much little time.

I neglected to photo the building housing all the novelty fabric and licensed prints.  Let's just say it was all very overwhelming.

I loved this old ad painted on another building in this charming town, but the day was so grey and dreary I just had to add some blue skies and play with some filters on it.

I purchased the pattern and template to this scrap happy quilt and then bought rolls of 2 1/2" strips in Fourth of July theme fabrics and in Halloween fabrics.  I can't wait to get set up for an extended stay and get out the machine!

While I was having a little "Me Day", Left Brain went on his way on to Eagle Ridge RV Park in Eagleview MO and got everything set up for my arrival. Oh, the things I will do to get out of the set up process!

Long Live the Queen of Quilts


  1. I guess you didn't feel too quilty.

  2. Your title shocked me for a moment. I hadn't realized I cared so much.

  3. sounds like you were in quilters heaven. i like the small-town look of things there!

  4. We talked about going there a bit back...Roger would have been willing to take me. But I am afraid it would be a bit overwhelming. But we will probably go sometime in the future...just not sure when.