Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kansas City....Here I Come

We stopped in the Kansas City area for three days on our way northward and settled in to the Walnut Grove RV Park in Merriam KS.  The sites are a bit close together, but the location is good.

Our first stop was to visit Camping World about a half an hour away to pick up a couple more items we learned about.  There's always something I want from there.

Then we found the Library Parking Garage, another find from  It is a large public parking area, but when viewed from 10th Street, it appears to be a collection of many of the literary greats.

This was even more special than I had anticipated and I'm glad we were here when the trees were not leafed out or the view would have been obscured.

Kansas City is an artsy fartsy kind of town and we spotted several great murals as we drove around.

For lunch we went to Danny Edwards Boulevard BBQ.  They had a lunch special of a pulled pork sandwich with a side and half an order of (real, home-made) onion rings.  

Sweet find!  

I need to get my Yelp review done up next. 

Another fun day in the city.

Monday we leave for Missouri and I have no idea what kind of internet we'll find again on the if you don't hear from me, that will be why.

Long Live the Queen of Kansas City BBQ


  1. the lunch sounds great. like the billboards and really like the 'bookshelf'. :)

  2. Oh wow, I love the bookshelf buildings. Those are just super!! The photo of all the budding trees is gorgeous. Are they some kind of dogwood or crabapple or redbud trees? It's so nice to see color on the trees. We still have brown twiggy branches. I may go out looking today to see if maybe there are any of the trees budding. The temps today are going to awesome. I actually got to shut the heat off yesterday. But then I woke up around 3 a.m. feeling a bit nippy and had to turn it back on for a few hours. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

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    1. I hope this comment goes through..sorry...some kind of glitch garbled it. Three is a charm...? I tried to say,
      "KC has an excellent baseball team, too. Fun city, as cities go. Colourful history. Great pictures."