Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chores for the Cats

I decided it was time to make these cats earn their keep.  I mean, there's no reason they shouldn't do some chores around the RV....right?

George responded to the news by yawning, rolling over and going back to sleep.  That's my boy.

Gracie however is more hyper and always up for some action, so she agreed.

The laundry was done and we were busy putting it away.  Left Brain finished up and left the basket on the bed.

It appeared that Gracie jumped into the basket and it folded up on her, creating a cat burrito.

Long Live the Queen


  1. Grizelda likes to help me make the bed, especially when I change the linen. Chloe Jo's favourite is anything that involves helping!
    Gracie is a good girl. ❤

    1. Gracie is a little TOO helpful when I change the bedding, so I do that when she's out running around the tunnels.

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  3. I remember you saying that last year, too. Mark it on next year's electronic calendar so you don't forget - MAY 1st. We aren't even back yet !!!

  4. I love your new heading and the photos. Coming here always puts a smile on my face. Thanks. Gracie is a good girl. Pogo doesn't help with the chores, but he does sit by the door and make sure one gets in the house without my knowing it. He also manages to get me up on gloomy days when I'd rather stay in bed all day. What would we do without these beautiful babies? You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. Earning their keep...yeah right! Our Bubbie is the Court Jester!

    By the Way, I may have told you this before, but we call ourselves the cat herders.