Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Livingston TX

We left Turtle Bayou RV after having a great visit with my cousins.  What made the deal even sweeter was he sent some of his home made lefse home with me and a large bag of pecans.  Then they taught us how to see pecans the southern way.

There is a lot of wisteria blooming right now and it's amazing to see it wild on the side of the road running up tall trees.  It must be why we call it wisteria in the north and they refer to it as hysteria in the south.

It wasn't a very long trip to the SKP park in Livingston, but it's where we need to take care of some paperwork.

Since we're staying a week and have a really long site, George and Gracie were treated to the extra length of running tunnel.  I even set up the bird feeding stand for their amusement.

Long Live the Queen of the South


  1. the wisteria is beautiful. enjoy your stay there!

  2. Well, I hope you have a wonderful stay there. Don't get hysterical, though. Wisteria/hysteria. Who knew? Beautiful captures, I must say.

  3. That Wisteria is divine. - Love that your cats have their own play area that is safe.

  4. This park looks beautiful. I have to say that I love all the Wisteria. I think it is beautiful. George looks quite happy looking over his new domain. Enjoy your stay there. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.