Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meeting new friends in Lake Havasu

We did our touristy bit today and ventured into town to see the sights.

This whole area is stunning with the Colorado River going into Lake Havasu, the mountains and the first wildflowers starting to peek out of the rocks.

The city is quaint and I was so looking forward to the walking tour of London Bridge.  After handing over our money and getting on the list we were told they needed one more person before they could do the tour.  So we snooped around the Visitor Center, gathering up brochures for the area and surrounding towns.

At eleven o’clock the manager sadly announced that there were not enough people to make it a go and refunded our money.  Left Brain went back to the car to get the computers since they did have free WiFi there.

I found an outlet (I’m always looking for some kind of outlet it seems) and plugged in my computer and my phone which seemed to be totally run down.  Right next to the outlet was the nicest gentleman and we struck up a conversation.

When responding to the mandated question of “where are you from?” I replied that we hailed from the state of Wisconsin.  He responded that his neighbor was from Wisconsin, from a little town called Spooner.  Huh?  Now Left Brain was tuned into the conversation. 

Then he said that she had remarried to which I asked if her name was Kathy.  He nodded his head left and looked at me a bit more closely.  I asked if her name had been Peterson.  Another yes.  So I went in for the kill and asked if her husband was BJ.  By now his mouth had opened and he looked truly surprised. 

BJ was married to my cousin Bonnie before she died and had remarried Kathy.  They had a winter home in Arizona, that much I remembered.  But I had no idea it was in Lake Havasu.

Since I had internet available I sent an email to BJ’s daughter, Shayna, to ask for Kathy’s email address.  Then I sent her an email to let her know I was in the area for a couple of days.  It would sure be fun to meet up for lunch and see her again.

We found a nice lady to snap a couple of photos for me of us with Ed.  Then we ran into him again outside where they were installing memorial bricks and he wanted to make sure his wife’s was placed in the correct area.  So he took a photo of Left Brain and me in front of London Bridge.

What a small world!  Left Brain and I walked around for a while and then decided to have lunch here at Jersey’s.  My regret was that I hadn’t been quick enough to think to ask Ed to join us to get to know him better.

The manager looked confused when I thanked him for not being able to do the tour that morning.  If he had we never would have met Ed and shared our common stories.  This is the part of traveling I enjoy the most – connecting with new people, especially when there’s a connection to old people.  Well, not old people, but old people…you know what I mean.
Long Live the Queen of Cool Connections


  1. I love those 2 degrees of separation.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when a chance meeting like that happens? You and hubby look so happy. What a great shot of the bridge too. We're in Florida now, and I can't wait to get started on this new day. Hope your day is fabulous. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. I stopped over yesterday and read your wonderful story about small, small worlds. How very cool that you would happen upon a friend of a friend (actually relative, right?) in a place where you have never traveled. I agree it gives reason to pause and appreciate the life you have chosen for yourself and Left Brain. And I am loving this place ... the small lighthouses ... OMG, how awesome. Lighthouses are the beaken in so many lives ... both literally and figuratively. We can't help but be enamored by them. And, there you are seeing replica's of many of the famous lighthouses. I would trade places with you in a minute (wait ... does Left Brain sleep on the right or left side of the bed?). You look dazzling especially in your hat. I have a hat just like that, but I use it to hide my face ... you clearly don't need to do that. I always love coming over to see you ... you are such a delightful hostess. Thanks for another great ride Queen of Dazzling.

    Andrea @ From the Sol