Friday, March 8, 2013

The Step Killer

After rolling out of Yuma we landed here at The Benches near Lake Havasu.  We were graced with a view of the Colorado River on one side and majestic mountains on the other.  I didn’t think we’d be doing any boondocking again so soon, but it sure is easier to just pull up and set up camp.

We did have one mishap during the set up.  One might call it a failure to communicate.  I placed the chairs against the wheels and the step under the rig since it didn’t seem needed at that point.

And then Left  Brain decided to ease forward for a more level spot.  And when the wheels on the bus go round and round….they ran over the steps.   Ooops.

But as we do with most of these situations we end up laughing about it and making the most of it.  My favorite version is that they are bowing down to The Queen in homage.  My least favorite is the one that indicates I need to lose a few pounds.
 Long Live the Queen of Motorhome Mishaps


  1. Likely excuse ... "the bus wheels ran over my steps". Uh huh:) Good that you can laugh at yourselves ... life would be long and hard if we lost our sense of humor. Somehow I thought you had settled in at a new place, but it seems like you are still on the move. Where are you headed now?

    I look at your desert longingly. We have so much snow on the ground it will take most of spring (if it ever gets here) to melt it down. Unfortuately the ground is frozen so whatever water we get (which we need badly because of our drought) will be run off and our ground will still be dry when it comes time to plant flowers or what ever (grass this year because we had big brown area's from the drougth last summer). Anyway, Spring is already started to sound like work and here I was so looking forward to it ... hmmmm

    I am off next week to Kearney, Nebraska to see the Sandhill Migration ... it should be an amazing sight. I can't wait :) Bird lover that I am. I bet you see a lot of awesome birds in the dessert. I know I did when I was in Phoenix last winter. You should be whipping out that camera and capturing some of those critters. Anyway, sounds like you are still having a great time on your travels. Looking forward to seeing where you end up this time
    Maybe if you stand on the other end of your steps you could make them level ... Queen of many versions

  2. And yes, I know the difference between desert and dessert ... my fingers are at fault, right? The brain is only incidental in this case ... :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol